Daniel Levi surprised fans with pop-up concerts in front of their homes

These difficult times of restrictions have kept artists away from their audiences for such a long time now and everyone is missing live concerts. This is why pop artist Daniel Levi came up with a unique idea to go to where his fans live and then surprise them with a live show.

The planning took a while since we had to solve a couple problems. The biggest issue was how to go on a surprise tour where setup needs to happen in a matter of minutes in order to not give away the surprise. The team came up with a solution to pack up the whole band, lights, visuals and sound equipment onto a truck, so that as soon as the door opened, the concert could start.

“Honestly it felt so refreshing to be able to play music to a live audience - even if that audience was only 1 person. Gotta make it work with the situation that you have, right? Besides, we got to go on tour!” said Daniel Levi.

Some time ago the artist did a game on their social media, promising a surprise for the winners. When Daniel’s manager contacted the winners and was going over to their house to hand over the mysterious surprise, she asked people to come help her out outside for a minute. To their surprise the doors of a truck in front of their house opened and there was Daniel Levi with the whole band and a small concert production setup.

“I’m still speechless! It was an insanely cool experience! I was sure I had won a small gift bag or something but this was incredible! My heart is so full and it brought me so much joy!” said one of the lucky fans after the show.

Daniel Levi recently released a song called “Jasmine” which was the focus of this tour.

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